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JAS Kereskedelmi Kft. is a member of JAS Group with 20 years operating with a 100% Hungarian ownership. The Group is made up of businesses profitable and stable on their own. The focus of its economic activity is on commerce since its foundation. The selling of chemical base materials and oil products started in the 90's. The product range of the Group is continuously growing and is engaged in the following industry today:

Feed Industry Division:

The feed industry is primarily based on the commerce of feed base materials, including protein carrying base materials produced from oily seeds through extraction that are:

  1. soya meal/pellets, protein 45.50% (mainly from South America),
  2. sunflower meal/pellets, protein 33-38% (primarily from Europe),
  3. rapeseed meal, protein 32-35% (primarily from Europe).

In addition to the above, the product scope of feed industry division includes:

  • types of feed (primarily of wheat and corn) extracted from cereals,
  • feed oils,
  • food by-product (malt sprouts, brewer's grains, sugar beet pellets),
  • amino acids,
  • 5. other mineral base materials for feeding (MCP, DCP).

Grains Trade Division:

The new, strategic division of JAS Kereskedelmi Kft. is a wholesaler of cereals. The company also supplies wheat, barley, corn, triticale, rye, soya, sunflower and oat for domestic and export purposes.

Artificial Fertilizer Division:

The wholesale of artificial fertilizer is built on the products of traditional and reliable Hungarian and foreign artificial fertilizer producers. JAS Kereskedelmi Kft. sells solid and liquid fertilizers, AN, UAN, Ammonium nitrate, Potassium chloride, MAP, DAP, NPK fertilizers, Nitrosol and several other artificial fertilizers typically in bigbag or in bulk.

The Group has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certificates and was given the Superbrands 2014 award.

The objective of the company is to establish effective, reliable and long-term business relations. The company adapts flexibly to the needs of its partners and thanks to its stable financial background it can also provide financing options as well.